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Tips on How to Make Your Own Desk

Although it may be easier and even cheaper to get a desk at any furniture store an alternative option is to make your own desk. While there is not a whole lot needed to make a desk it does require a little bit of know-how, some tools, and of course a clear schedule. This article will attempt to describe the steps of how to make your own desk. From the start of the project until the project is finished the project will not take too long and, as a result, can be completed quickly and easily even for beginners. If you want to hollow out wooden structures you can use bosch ra1881 router table.

  • To begin, get a sheet of plywood from anywhere wood is sold. Then depending on the size of the desk and the desired specifications, there are two options that are available.
  • The first option allows one to use the entire sheet without cutting it and the next option requires cutting the sheet of plywood as per the dimensions of the desk.
  • One word of advice though on how to make your own desk when cutting wood for this or any other wood project it is always wise to be careful and use safety at all times by wearing protective glasses.
  • The next step in the how to make your own desk process involves setting the trim.
  • After the entire desk has been built, carefully making the proper cuts and making sure the dimensions are correct the trim will need to be put on.
  • This is a standard step on any design, even u shaped desk. To finish the trim portion of the project do the following.
  • Cut pieces of wood and fit them into the edges of the top of the desk and put it together using nails and either a hammer or a nail gun with the nails spaced out every two inches.
  • The final two steps in the how to make your own desk project involves staining and hardware for the final touches. When it comes to staining the desk use a paintbrush and allow each coat to completely dry. The number of coats determines how deep the color of the wood will be.
  • After the stain has been applied next comes the one and only coat of polyurethane, an agent that protects the wood and gives it its shine. Allow the wood to completely dry.
  • Finally attach all the pieces using screws and or nails, circular brackets, and metal conduits.

After all the pieces of the desk are screwed together and all hardware is attached the desk will be ready to use immediately. Remember that while working on this or any kind of wood related project it is always wise to put safety first, this can be done by wearing protective eyewear. Because this project does not take too long and does not have that many steps involved in making this desk basic know-how is a must as well as enough time set aside to make the desk, usually with a days time.